Choose a TV Mounting Bracket

TV on wall

Why do you need to mount your TV on the wall

Let’s face it, TV is an essential part of our life and even if you have the best TV ever, watching it can become even more convenient! How? Easier than you think.

In this section, we’ll share some tips about choosing a TV mounting bracket, but first let’s talk about why you really need it:

  1. Space-Saving – by hanging the TV on the wall you free up quite a lot of space on your shelf, table, drawer or wherever your TV is.
  2. Safety – no matter how stable the stand is, there is always a chance for accidents. Perhaps, it won’t be you but a child or a playful pet: a cat, a dog, even a horde of hamsters.
  3. Aesthetics – The TV looks much better on the wall, of course, if it is not an incredibly old TV!

Choose a TV Mounting Bracket

There are 3 main types of mounts: flat, tilt, and swivel

Fixed TV Wall Bracket

Flat (Fixed) Wall Mount – it statically and reliably secures the TV on the wall.

Tilt TV Wall Bracket

Tilt Wall Mount – almost like fixed, but still allows you to tilt the TV horizontally – it’s convenient if you want to hang the TV higher to make it inaccessible to children or pets.

Full Motion TV Wall Bracket

Swivel (Turn) Wall Mount – offers maximum freedom, in addition to the ability to be tilted horizontally, it can also be rotated vertically – this is an excellent solution to avoid sunlight during the day, it can be adjusted to get a comfortable view.

We have figured out the types of mounting brackets! Next, we will deal with the sizes.

There is a mounting standard called Vesa.

it’s basically just four bolts, the standard distance between them can be different depending on the size of your TV, for example: if your TV has a Vesa 200 by 200 in its instructions, it means that the distance between the bolts on its back panel is 200 mm, both horizontal and vertical bolts.

vesa tv standard

vesa tv standard

Then there is the TV size, it’s not too aesthetically pleasing to be able to see the mounting rails sticking out behind the TV; make sure you pay attention to the size of the TV that will be mounted.

And of course, the weight of the TV! Use only those mounts that can support the weight of your TV, we recommend choosing one that supports a bigger TV.

There you go, it’s quite simple!

The only thing left is to find out the type of TV mount standard and choose the appropriate type.

Here’s some advice on TV Mounting Brackets

Only choose high-quality tv mounting brackets and if you want to save money, remember that you are risking not just anything but your TV.

Even the most super quality and super-reliable mounts may not hold up your precious TV if installed incorrectly.

Put your trust in professionals and you will not be disappointed!

If you need any help just contact us via Live Chat and we will be happy to advise on any question you may have.